Vamvacas presents Minipack, a leader of packaging solutions and shrink wrap!


Minipack is an Italian leader in packaging with technology and experience to stand out in a very competitive industry. Their secret ingredient? Relentless pursuit of perfection.

Whenever the topic of heat-shrink comes up, one name is almost inevitable to appear, sooner or later: Minipack. This Italian company was innovating in heat-shrink technology before most others were even aware of it. It was in 1975 that they introduced the compact chamber technology and, since then, they have more than thirty international patents.

Minipack is a leading outfit in packaging, but to describe the company one characteristic is apparent. In their own words, Minipack has the experience, the size and structure of a business, the specialisation, the expertise in design, manufacturing, control, technology, efficiency, but all that are not what the company is. Their true grace lies upon their drive to innovate. Even though their 1975 breakthrough was seminal, Minipack was not a one-hit-wonder but kept on innovating and they still do to this day. In fact, they define themselves as “an original pioneer”!

Our cooperation with Minipack goes back more than 30 years and we are proud to be partners with such an influential company in the market. The company is a valuable partner in packaging machines, and their manufacturing facilities guarantee supply, excellent service, but also immediate customer support. Minipack has four advanced production units, of which one is fully automated, and a comprehensive global distribution and service network. Their production facilities are fitted with cutting edge technology and their warehouses are fully automated, its efficiency and dependability being proven over the years.


However, the crown jewel in the Minipack organisation is none other than their brand new Minipack-Lab, the new technical unit which consolidates all the research and development in the company. This new site is located exactly where, more than 40 years ago, the first revolutionary machines were designed and developed by the founder and engineer of the company, Francesco Torre, near Bergamo in Italy. It is there that prototypes are designed, ideas are being developed and brought to reality, mechanical and electronic design are performed, software is written; in short, this is the place where Minipack’s brains reside. Indeed, the company has a permanent dedication of investing 5% of its revenue in R&D, sealing this vision the company is legendary for. Their commitment for continuous improvement, new, innovative, state-of-the-art packaging machines as well as in other areas of the market is still strong, not only in heat-shrink machines but also vacuum-sealing, stretching, and others.















Minipack has a unique way of positioning itself within the market and this is why it is such an invaluable partner of Vamvacas Industrial. Our support and expertise and Minipack’s far-reaching gaze into the future make an excellent match. Our 30-plus years of partnership is proof enough!

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