Vamvacas introduces StraPack, the global leader in plastic strapping


Settle for nothing but the very best. When it comes to securing your loads, plastic strapping is the go-to solution. We bring you the best machinery in the industry and make the selection process easy: StraPack or nothing!

Strapping is the most common solution for securing goods, whether for transportation or storage. Strapping is versatile, easy to apply, can be used on practically anything, from small or fragile products up to big and heavy loads. The products can be packaged or loose, depending on size. Strapping is ubiquitous.
When it comes down to choosing the right strapping solution, there are three possible ways: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. The choice depends on your company’s needs, in capacity, throughput, and cost. But your choice boils down to just one: StraPack!
Vamvacas is continuing its partnership with StraPack, a partnership that started in 1979 and is ever expanding. Why did we choose StraPack? The answer couldn’t be simpler: we will settle for nothing but the very best! StraPack is the global leader and number 1 manufacturer of strapping machines and strapping materials. The company was founded in 1933 and they’ve been at it since the 1960s, when the strapping technology emerged. They are still at the forefront of industrial design, with a dedication to quality.
StraPack is a company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. That is a guarantee of impeccable quality and high precision. StraPack is known throughout the world for their innovative designs and their dedication to high standards of quality. Indeed, the StraPack machines enjoy the reputation of being the most dependable strapping machines in the world!
One of the characteristics of StraPack is the fact that they are one of the very few companies whose products have been developed and produced by its own manufacturing divisions. The people of StraPack are extremely proud of this tradition and reputation, a reputation built by keeping complete control over the manufacturing process. Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of the StraPack company.
This combination of unrivalled quality and incomparable reliability of the StraPack machines is the reason Vamvacas has selected to bring the Japanese company’s product lines to the Greek and European markets. Our long-standing commitment to quality and reliability is identical to StraPack’s ideology. We are proud to be associated with such a high-standing innovator of global stature and to bring their unique technologies and machinery to you!

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