Vamvacas and Robopac: A 35-year-strong relationship

robopac vamvacas

Only the very best for our customers! Vamvacas and Robopac have a partnership going back 35 years. Why? We will settle for nothing but the best!

Fate sometimes plays weird games. It is certainly so in the case of our two companies: Vamvacas and Aetna, the group in which Robopac belongs to, were both founded in 1935! It was just a matter of time that our two companies form a relationship; one that would last for decades. Vamvacas has already been a partner of Robopac for 35 years and this partnership is stronger than ever!

Looking at stretch wrapping, Robopac is the undisputed leader in the European market. Whether you’re looking for a simple turntable or a fully automated and autonomous big-size, high-speed wrapping machine, Robopac has you covered. Stretch wrapping is a cornerstone of the global supply chain; securely wrapping your products before shipping can make all the difference. Robopac’s product range covers every need. Their packaging solutions include robots, rotating tables, rotating arms, rotating rings, even capable of packaging items that go beyond what standard solutions can accommodate. But it doesn’t stop at that! Robopac systems are already using state-of-the-art technologies to offer easy operation with minimal training, equally easy troubleshooting, but also – and perhaps most importantly – quick remote assistance and help. In the age of the smartphone and the internet of things, Robopac is bringing all these innovations to its products to help you, the customer, be better at what you do!
Vamvacas has recognised Robopac for their innovation, their quality, their cutting-edge technology, ultimately their commitment to lead towards the new fourth industrial revolution which is already happening. This partnership between our two companies is a testament of our commitment to excellence. The Aetna Group, the parent company of Robopac, is a leader in the packing sector, providing specialised solutions and manufacturing and marketing a wide range of products. Robopac is benefitting from Aetna’s synergistic corporate philosophy as well as its advanced system of research laboratories, providing them with the know-how and the cutting-edge technological background to innovate and design and manufacture highly efficient and technologically superior products for the entire industry.
Our partnership, already spanning over a quarter of a century and being strong as ever, is bringing those product lines to our customers, domestic and abroad, regardless of their size or needs. Robopac’s portfolio includes product solutions for all, whereas Vamvacas’ expertise and support can help identify and select the one solution best suited for each customer. After all, we’ve been doing it for 35 years!

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