The solutions of paper tape to the packing problems

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The solutions of paper tape to the packing problems you never knew you had

You may be on the prowl for the ideal solution to the problems of plastic tape, or you’ve just taken it for granted. Read on and see how paper tape is the answer to all your woes.
When it comes to packing tape, there’s three things everybody wants, things that make all the difference in the world: quick and easy application, secure sealing of the box, and protection against theft. There’s an entire science hidden behind packing tape (and all things pertaining to sticking things to each other) and a lot of research is being done to formulate the perfect solution to every sticking problem. Modern science has produced every imaginable kind of adhesive, choosing between adhesion, cohesion, and tack, whereas an equally diverse selection of backings is available to produce a tape for every need.
Packing tape has long been associated with the ubiquitous transparent polypropylene tape, otherwise known as plastic tape. However, the times are changing and require a more ecological as well as versatile solution. Let us see a series of problems and the solutions provided by the brilliant paper packing tape.










• Plastic tape is non-recyclable and smells funny
• The paper packing tape is biodegradable, smells natural, and is recyclable










• The plastic packing tape can easily be removed or replaced, without evidence
• The water-activated security paper tape is using natural ingredient adhesives that interact with and form a permanent bond to all kinds of carton surfaces, forming a seal. Any attempt in tampering will rip the carton, leaving clear evidence










• Plastic tape requires tools (e.g. dispensers or tape guns) to be applied and cut
• Paper tape can be easily cut by hand without requiring utility knives or even navigating a maze of tape layers to open the box










• Plastic tape looks cheap. Multiple layers, excessive use, uneven cuts, strong smell of plastic, tarnish the image of your product
• Paper tape provides excellent seal, does not wrinkle or fold, does not need multiple layers, can be simply cut by hand, and can be easily printed with your logo

Ultimately, the paper tape is the modern, environmentally responsible, eco-conscious solution to your packing needs. There are multiple variants of paper tape, including the water-activated tamper-proof tape for a secure yet practical box-sealing medium, as well as the high-tack sealing paper tape, to cover every requirement. The paper tape is secure, easy to use whether by hand, using a hand dispenser, or even a fully automated box sealing machine, while at the same time being easy to open without the need for sharp cutting tools.
The paper tape is the solution to all your packing woes. You need not look any further. Sticky paper is the way to go! Contact for more information…

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