Robopac Rconnect: smart power in the hands of the user

r connect

New technologies are crucial for the easy administration of the factory floor. Robopac’s smart system is giving unprecedented monitoring capabilities with minimal effort!

The factory floor is the most crucial part of any company. Regardless of size, the successful administration of the factory operations requires the collection and processing of large amounts of data. Modern machinery should provide the managers with all the necessary data to monitor, coordinate, and optimise the production process. Moreover, that same data could indicate possible points of congestion or future failure, where problems or even accidents can be anticipated and even averted. Knowledge is power, and data is this knowledge in disguise. Companies nowadays invest millions in data processing, in order to decrypt and analyse the vast quantities of data being produced every single minute. Those who succeed, flourish.
Robopac is a leader in stretch wrapping machines, their products being found in factories throughout Europe and the world. Moving along the lines of data visualisation and analysis, Robopac has been investing heavily in systems and technologies that bring those capabilities to their products. Utilising modern technologies, the system Robopac has built is both powerful and intuitive. Ease of use is the guiding force behind Robopac’s developers; Rconnect, the system they produced, is not only simple to learn and use, but also following the trends of everyday life. Rather than using some cryptic and overcrowded paradigm on computer, Rconnect is following the concepts and ideas that we are all used to, as apps on our smartphones! The navigation is simple and extremely efficient, whilst also being extremely powerful.
Robopac Rconnect is a system which allows you to monitor all your Robopac automatic and semi-automatic machines. Rconnect is doing all the data collecting, processing, and filing, from all installed machines, but it also allows remote control as well as remote assistance! The Robopac Authorised Service is also directly connected through Rconnect. The system is allowing you to have total control over your installations, regardless of the number of Robopac machines or even their physical location, integrating the operations of multiple factories under one control system.
The Rconnect system is working like a smartphone app in one more, crucial, aspect: it allows you to set up and receive automatic notifications and alarms in case of problems or simply to remind you of scheduled maintenance. You will no longer have to set up reminders manually, nor check your e-mails to find alerts; most importantly, you will no longer live in fear of the dreaded phone call informing you of problems on the floor.
Rconnect can also visualise the collected data in most effective and informative graphs and statistics, allowing you to see potential problems or, even more importantly, areas that could be optimised! Machine history is readily available for each one of your Robopac machines, allowing you to identify problems before they arise. Rconnect will allow you to save money on film by reducing consumption, while securing your loads more effectively, and reducing your TCO.
We are living in the age of information and the smartphone. Why let your factory floor live in the past?

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