Robopac Cube Technology – thinking inside the box!

cube technology 1

Looking for the most advanced stretch wrapping technology? Look no more! Robopac’s Cube ticks all the boxes. Pun intended.

When it comes to stretch wrapping, your needs make the rules. There is no one single best solution for every application. Or is there? Technology allows us to adjust, and market needs demand of us to be flexible and adaptable. The needs of today are not necessarily equal to, or even indicative of, the needs of tomorrow. Adaptability is often the deciding factor between winners and losers, between growth and decline. Robopac, being the world leaders in stretch wrapping technology, have invested heavily in research and development, to create the most flexible and adaptable technology. The culmination of years of research is the Cube Technology.

Cube Technology is using highly integrated electronics and advanced proprietary algorithms, as well as cutting-edge mechanics, to give you a revolutionary end product. The Cube Technology addresses four critical factors, in order to provide the optimal wrapping for every need. These four factors are:

• Multi-level variable pre-stretch
Ensuring the optimal film pre-stretch, varying by height, per load. The pre-stretch can be adjusted up to nine times for each pallet, allowing lower stretch at the critical base height and higher stretch at the top, ensuring more film is applied exactly where it’s needed.
• Multi-level variable containment force
The containment force is not the same for all heights. Supporting different containment force depending on height allows pallets that contain products of varying sizes, and products that require more containment force at certain levels.
• Proactive corner compensation
The latest technology in variable torque motors allows the optimal handling of corners, by applying the appropriate force and avoiding wrap breakage.
• Strategic film placement
The ability to place the stretch film exactly where it is needed the most can be critical for load stability and containment.

The Cube Technology can have profound effects for your pallet packaging operations. It allows total flexibility for every size of load, providing top quality packaging. At the same time, it can provide up to 50% reduction in film consumption, whilst reducing damage to packaged products by up to 40%.

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