Switch to Orgapack’s battery powered steel strapping tools and break the bonds!


The factory floor can be a tricky premise. Forget about being literally tied down and embrace the freedom and versatility of the battery. Enter Orgapack.

Steel strapping is one of the strongest methods of securing very heavy loads, especially of the kind that can tear plastic, such as concrete or sharp metal. Steel straps do not bend and offer extremely high tensile strength, while being easy to seal with simple joints. Steel strapping can secure loads where all others fail. But you’re probably already aware of the advantages of steel strapping, so there’s little point in extolling its virtues. What you may not be aware of, though, are the latest developments that are bringing the ubiquitous steel strapping tool to the 21st century. Orgapack is introducing the truly portable, battery powered steel strapping tool and is offering your company a major competitive advantage.

The steel strapping technology is true and tried, but the timeframe for any true innovation in this field goes back decades, with the tools being either manual or pneumatic. The modern factory needs modern solutions, though, and this is where Orgapack comes in with its revolutionary battery powered tools for steel strapping! The OR-T R19 and R32 are prime examples of introducing modern technology and novel ideas to make the factory floor safer, more efficient, and more convenient.

org_or-t_r19_use-04The benefits of the OR-T R19 and R32 tools are almost obvious. Compared to pneumatic tools, they are easier to use, more adjustable, provide consistent operation, and perhaps more importantly, they have limitless range! Unfettered by the length of the air hose, its weight, and very presence. The elimination of air hoses from the factory floor removes the additional weight and inflexibility, eliminates the operation radius dictated by the hose length, and also eliminates air leaks from connectors and hose. Perhaps more importantly, the Orgapack tools are infinitely safer, removing a major workplace tripping hazard from your factory or warehouse. Additionally, Orgapack has selected the industry standard 18V 8Ah Lithium-Ion battery to power the R19 and R32 tools, ensuring virtually limitless operation and interchangeability. The battery is immensely more energy-efficient, safe, durable, and also recyclable, yielding immediate reductions in running costs for your operation.

org_or-t_r19_use-01org_or-t_r19_use-02In choosing electricity, Orgapack is introducing modern technological advances in the OR-T series. They have equipped the R19 and R32 models with a rugged touchscreen featuring a multi-colour display to convey important information at a glance, whereas it is specifically designed to be operated with gloves. The display features a real-time tension force indicator in metric or imperial units, as well as a “favourite” button for quick resetting of parameters, and a screen lock feature, preventing inadvertent changes. The Orgapack tools will help eliminate operator errors to your warehouse and offer consistently high quality in each strap tied, boosting the productivity of your employees and increasing the output of your operations!

org_or-t_r32_use-03Orgapack is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in final packaging and transportation security systems. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, they develop their hand tools and machines using their own proprietary manufacturing and assembly, ensuring the highest quality and cutting-edge technologies and processes. Orgapack tools can help your company secure its place to the future – steel-bound!

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