Concerning weight: relocate your scale from the floor to the truck and reap the massive benefits of RAVAS technology!


The warehouse floor still has room for streamlining. Scales are mandatory, but floor scales are not. Now you can weigh loads on the go and see your efficiency take off!
The modern warehouse requires modern solutions; systems that can streamline your operations and catapult your efficiency. Weighing is an essential part of logistics, warehouses, and storage facilities. Keeping track of the weight of any container, both on the way in and out, is essential. One way to do it is to have a scale present in every port. The best way to do it, however, is to use an advanced mobile weighing system from RAVAS and transfer the weighing process from a fixed point on the floor to the truck, stacker, or forklift!


RAVAS is the leader in mobile weighing systems and offers a variety of solutions for every need. The product portfolio ranges from hand pallet trucks up to forklift truck attachments and carriage plates to fit every usage scenario and every installation. Whether your warehouse already has trucks, or you are investing in new equipment, RAVAS has the appropriate product. Mobile weighing systems will quickly return the investment, whilst increasing the efficiency of your operations by orders of magnitude.


Flexibility and streamlining

The operation of any warehouse or storage facility includes what is called “intralogistics”, the internal flows of materials within that particular facility or the entire company. Companies still rely on industrial floor scales for weighing boxes or pallets, a proven solution but an inefficient one. Often a bottleneck in the flow of materials, floor scales occupy substantial space and, taking into account the routes to and from the scale, this space often exceeds twenty square metres. But now, with mobile weighing systems, you can free up that space and let your forklifts or trucks multitask: weigh the products while they are being transported, as well as wirelessly transmit the data to a computer or mobile device! Streamlining your operations has never been easier, giving you the flexibility to organise the movement of material in real time.










Incoming and outgoing control
Whether your company is shipping goods or taking deliveries, the ability to have accurate knowledge of the weight is vital. Determining the weight of each pallet, box, or container is vital, whether it is being loaded onto a truck or offloaded from it. Mobile weighing will not only provide you with that information during the process, it will also allow you to skip the trip to the scale!
Mobile weighing systems have even more uses, making them invaluable in many applications, even controlling dosing, minimising waste of material, eliminating picking errors in the warehouse, and monitoring flows. However, the real advantage emerges when you take into account the data integration within a warehouse management system. Real-time weight measurements can be wirelessly transmitted and combined with other technologies, such as RF-ID for automatic identification of containers or pallets. This will allow the central integration of operations and the streamlining of all material flows within any operation.
RAVAS mobile weighing systems can bring your facility to the forefront of technology and give you unprecedented control of your operations. Choose the right solution for your needs and increase your productivity by eliminating the trip to the scale. It’s that easy!


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