Kaeser rotary screw blowers and the quantum leap in compressed air technology


Compressing air is only an idea; the reality is more convoluted, more expensive, and much more loud. Unless you take Kaeser’s rotary screw blowers into account. Then it’s just air, under pressure.

Keeping air in motion is an industrial prerequisite; modern facilities require efficient, stable, and also quiet installations which are user-friendly, easily serviceable, and, if possible, ready to operate within minutes of installation. Noise, in particular, has been a sore point in many systems, where the slightest structural imperfections would pick up resonant vibrations, and pneumatic pulsations would only amplify the effect. The solution? Move to a different modality of air movement: rotary screw blowers!

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world_kaeser1Kaeser is a leader in the industry of compressed air and they have invested heavily in the engineering and technologies around rotary screw blowers. Their rotary screw blowers are the products of extensive research and development, using the latest in technology and optimised to provide substantial energy savings. They are being used in the industry, for all kinds of applications ranging from aeration, pneumatic conveying, but also heating or cooling of materials; any place where constant airflow is required over prolonged periods. Kaeser, aiming to design the most efficient rotary screw blower, has gone to lengths to develop its own proprietary rotor profiles, which exhibits up to 15% energy reduction in comparison with conventional rotors.

The Kaeser blowers come in two flavours: the Omega profile and the Sigma profile. The Sigma profile rotors exhibit exceptionally long service life, which can be partly attributed to the in-house very high-end manufacturing processes with the highest of tolerances, but also the special, precision-adjusted, roller bearings selected for them. The precision in the manufacturing process eliminates the need for sealing strips or special coatings, increasing the longevity of the rotors. Their reliability is further enhanced by the lack of need for external oil circuit, oil pump, or oil filter, while the mechanical sealing is virtually wear-free. Finally, the Kaeser blowers also feature a hugely efficient drive system with super-premium efficiency motors, providing remarkable energy saving potential.



Moreover, Kaeser blowers offer the possibility of energy reclamation through the utilisation of waste heat, up to 96% of which can be recovered and be available for re-use. We will cover the heat recovery system of Kaeser blowers and compressors in a following article!kaeser_heat


Kaeser blowers come in different flavours, to suit every requirement and usage scenario. Their catalogue includes rotary screw blowers covering a wide range of wattages (or horse powers) and air pressures, up to 1100 mbar and 160 m³/min. The benefits of Kaeser’s technology in rotary screw air blowers are outstanding. Take your time and learn how Kaeser’s blowers can help your company boost its effectiveness and efficiency. No pressure.

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