Introducing Schmalz overhead crane systems and vacuum lifters

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Get acquainted with overhead crane systems and vacuum lifters and reap the benefits of modern technology in your factory floor with Schmalz.

The modern working environment is an ergonomic environment, one in which modern technologies are utilised in order to promote employee safety, ease, and productivity. Ergonomics and productivity have been proven by numerous studies to be two sides of the same coin. A tired worker is an unproductive worker, and fatigue is a factor that can be mitigated through the use of well-designed systems. After all, we are living in the 21st century; manual labour, especially when it comes to moving heavy objects in the factory floor, can and should be eliminated entirely.

Schmalz is a company renowned for its automation systems as well as their ergonomic handling systems. Their products are used in logistics, the automotive, the electronics, as well as the furniture sector, among others. Their specialty in vacuum automation reaches far in the industry, whereas their innovative solutions extend to overhead crane systems both technologically advanced as well as robust and proven.



















Aluminium overhead crane systems

The factory floor is getting cramped with machinery as production ramps up and requirements increase. The obvious solution is to extend in the third axis and the overhead crane is the ideal solution for moving loads around in or out of the production line. The use of aluminium is ideal, combining the metal’s low weight, natural resistance to corrosion, excellent load-bearing characteristics, as well as low carbon footprint and recyclability. Schmalz is offering a lightweight and robust aluminium overhead crane system, using a weight-optimised extruded section with hollow chamber geometry, achieving an impressive 3 kg/m weight per length unit, in five sizes that go up to 1200 kg. The system is fully modular, with section lengths up to 8 metres that can be extended using rail connectors and dovetailed end stops. Traction trolleys, either manual or electrically driven can move effortlessly through the aluminium’s very low friction coefficient characteristics – handling tests have proven a 60% reduction in force required to move loads!













Vacuum lifters

The modern factory requires better and more versatile solutions, and vacuum lifters are ideal, allowing loads to be handled faster, more securely, protecting both the employee as well as the items being lifted. Moreover, they can be combined with the aluminium overhead crane systems, skyrocketing their effectiveness. Vacuum lifters can be used to lift goods for packaging into boxes, but also lift the boxes themselves, after packaging. Vacuum lifters have proven their worth in the woodworking area, for loading and unloading wooden boards, but also in the automotive industry as well as the door and window industry, for moving glass panels effortlessly but with absolute security. Even in the aerospace industry, vacuum lifters can be seen moving extremely heavy airplane parts around the assembly floor! Schmalz has a full portfolio of vacuum tube lifters, ranging from the small, for single-hand operation, up to jumbo-size, with lifting capacities of up to 300 kg.

The combination of the two technologies presents the industry with a unique solution for both effortless lifting and moving of materials and packages within the factory floor, as well as out of it. Schmalz can offer the whole package. Pun intended.








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