DM Pack, the latest addition to Vamvacas’ portfolio in packing machinery


We are delighted to introduce DM Pack to our ever-growing list of select partners. DM Pack is a rising star in the packing market, already possessing an impressive range of packaging machinery. Our decades-long expertise and DM Pack’s drive for innovation and excellence are the principal factors in our cooperation.

Vamvacas is already partners with an extensive array of leading companies around the globe. We are completing our portfolio of products, carefully selecting partners not only for their products but also their ethos. Our latest addition is DM Pack, an established Italian company with 22 years of experience, which stands out not only for their innovation and ingenuity, but also for their commitment to revolutionary ideas and also style and aesthetics!

Already, DM Pack has an impressive range of packaging machinery, covering the entire spectrum of applications. Whether it is machinery for entry level packaging and cartoning needs, or huge tailor-made systems and customised lines for primary and secondary packaging, DM Pack can deliver with precision and in true Italian style. This last aspect, style, is evident from the very first glance: DM Pack’s systems are not your typical conglomeration of metal and plastic; they stand out in the factory floor by also being beautiful. However, DM Pack’s angle is the principle “form follows function”, which means that design, beautiful as it is, is carefully studied to make operation easier and not obstruct in any way or form. Indeed, one of the main selling points of DM Pack’s systems is the ease of use, combined with their high performance. However, it is their modern take on ergonomics and design that have driven the development of their machines, making them compact but also ergonomic, as well as accessible and open. Ease of maintenance and inspection guarantee their robustness and enables their 24/7 uninterrupted operation.
















Undoubtedly, one of the strengths of DM Pack’s systems is their state of the art technology. In a world moving at breakneck speeds, it is imperative that the very latest technology is utilised in order to facilitate speed but also ease of use and ease of maintenance. All of DM Pack’s machines are designed to use high-grade electronics throughout, while being capable of saving and loading programs, easily, through the extensive use of touch-screens. Their software is also continuously being refined and upgraded when needed, with the company having an unwavering commitment in research and innovation.

DM Pack’s portfolio includes a vast range of packaging machines, including heat-shrink packaging, film packaging, carton packaging, palletisers, but also offering bespoke solutions, based on their modular design, allowing the composition of tailor-fit solutions for needs of any scale.

Vamvacas, with the addition of DM Pack, is augmenting its portfolio with an invaluable partner and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful cooperation.

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