Comarme and Vamvacas, a strong relationship that spans two decades in boxing machines


A global leader in taping machines, Comarme has been a valuable member of the Vamvacas product lineup with their technological prowess and high quality standards.
Across all industries in the world, the cardboard box is the ubiquitous shipping material. The cardboard box gets produced in the billions worldwide. The name that inevitably comes up whenever cardboard boxes are mentioned, is Comarme. Their machines include box sealers as well as case erectors, which can speed up the process of forming, filling, and sealing boxes immensely. The resulting increase in output, as well as substantial savings both in money and in time, make the Comarme machines invaluable in any factory floor.
Comarme is a company that goes back to the early 1900s; however, its transformation and redirection towards the design and construction of packaging machines happened in the 1960s. That is when Comarme started dealing with carton boxes and adhesive tape, and essentially redefined the industry. Now, the name “Comarme” is practically synonymous to the cardboard box and the company is responsible for the modern concept of the “taping machine”.

The company itself has gone through a series of acquisitions and mergers, now including in its portfolio a wide variety of packing machinery; it is, however, still faithful to its core business of cardboard box sealers and erectors. The Comarme quality is unparalleled and its technology is state-of-the-art, making the Comarme machines the industry standard!
The product portfolio of Comarme includes adhesive tape case sealers, hot melt glue case sealers, gummed paper case sealers, as well as American boxes case erectors, covering every use case and every need. The company’s end-of-line packaging machinery is complete and covers all kinds of needs, starting from compact box sealers and spanning upwards, up to big box forming machines and sealers for full automation.

Comarme is also renowned for their innovation as well as their highest quality, whereas the reliability of the Comarme machinery is legendary. However, the Comarme brand does not stop there. The company has the ability to conduct bespoke studies on each customer and to develop customised solutions for each and every case, catering to all sorts of requirements and fulfilling all needs. Moreover, their global support network ensures the timely delivery of spare parts, along with the assistance of highly specialised technicians, assuring the uninterrupted operation of their machines, along with their unmatched customer care and technical assistance.
Comarme has been a prized partner of Vamvacas Industrial for over 20 years, their products completing our product catalogue and providing our customers with top-notch solutions from a global leader. We are proud to be a partner to Comarme; our expertise and support, along with Comarme’s product portfolio make a strong bond that has endured the passage of time. Our over two decades of partnership is proof enough!


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